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{Real Party} A SUPERhero birthday

I can’t believe that my little man has turned 2 – and what a character he is!  Full of life, a great sense of humour (which I think he knows gets him out of trouble when he’s done something ‘naughty’), loud like his eldest sister and a great love of singing, dancing and anything sweet!

When the time came to thinking about the theme for his party, I was tossing up between rock star and superhero.  I decided it had to be superhero when I saw him being Mighty Guy one day!

I contacted Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous to design the invites and other printables for me.  She very kindly squeezed me into her busy schedule.  Her colour combo of the blue, orange and yellow with a hint of black was spot on and I adored the little superboy silhouette. 

We decided to keep the party fairly small with mainly family and just one or two friends his age that he knew but because he has such a sweet tooth, I put together a little dessert table as a special treat.  I gathered together my limited knowledge of superheroes and pulled out the sewing machine  from my mum’s place to start putting together little superhero capes. 

Here’s how the final table looked.

The kids decorated their superhero masks and had a wonderful time playing simple backyard games such as musical freeze (like a superhero, of course), egg and spoon races, running races and bubbles, an all-time favourite at our house.  We then had cake and for nearly the rest of the afternoon, Ben was seen standing near the dessert table with something sweet in his hand.  The day finished off with kids taking some photos at a mini photobooth I set up for them. 

Happy birthday my SUPER little man!

Printables – Style Me Gorgeous

Milk Cartons – Fun, Create & Inspire

Melting Moments – Zesto

Swizzle Sticks, Retro Straws + Small Pegs – The Party Studio

Thank you also to Amy Atlas for featuring this party on her blog.  What a privilege it is to be featured on the blog of the person who first inspired me to ‘dabble’ in this business.


{Real Parties} The Ice-cream Challenge

Two weekends ago, I had the privilege of creating a party for an eleven year old girl who wanted a Masterchef and Movie night party!  In true Masterchef form, the dessert table was created as the Masterchef pantry for these tween chefs to pick and choose ingredients for their sweet creations, with ice-cream being one of the main ingredients.

Inspired by the ice-cream bar created by Amy from Eat, Drink, Chic, the pantry included a selection of icecreams, toppings, sprinkles and other sweets. 

bottles, retro straws

Purple and blue ice-cream cupcakes and party favours

Retro blue striped straws, ribbon and party favour boxes all available from The Party Studio.