a little about me

A day or two after throwing my little man a party, I came across Amy Atlas’ website. Wow!  I gazed at her ‘eye candy’ for days on end, from the moment I tucked the little ones to bed to late into the night. I was amazed at her designs and knew immediately that  THIS was what I wanted to do…and so began the dream!

I’m a mum of three little ones and blessed to be married to a supportive man whose good sense and practical nature balances out my bursts of spontaneity and sometimes crazy ideas.  I’ve always had a love for beautiful things and in my life pre-kids I was a primary school teacher. 

Sophisticated Yum was created out of a passion for celebrations in life’s big and small moments in a way that captures the hearts and tummies of children and adults alike.  Though most of our work is designing and styling dessert tables and candy buffets, we are also able to assist with complete event planning for baptisms and christenings, baby showers, birthdays, product launches and weddings. 

So, grab a hot drink…or maybe a glass of bubbly, and take a moment now to enjoy browsing through our portfolio whilst thinking about how Sophisticated Yum can create your dream event for one of your life’s special moments.


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